Speedmek: What is it?

Speedmek: QuestionSpeedmek is a term I’ve used to define the style of my Ork lists. The name rather obviously covers the style, it’s fast with mek elements to it, but I’ve never really gone into any depth on it. I thought I’d give a shot at running a series around my Speedmek style and hopefully share some insightful info and give you something to look forward to, well at least the Ork players out there. My plan is to break down my lists based on the force organization chart but for this entry I’ll try and give an overview of what the style is.

So, as I’ve said in other posts, I moved to a Speed Freek style list early on when I began playing Orks. I wasn’t a fan of moving a lot of large mobs of boyz. I began using trukks for transports, eventually built a battlewagon and a looted wagon. As my army grew I also found an appreciation for the mek type of elements, things like Kanz, Dreads, artillery, Lootas in the current codex, things like that. Over the years I’d like to think I’ve found a good way to synergize these two components into what I’ve dubbed a Speedmek list.

The next installment will cover the HQ selections. What I take, why I take it and other options I find worthwhile. A small note too. Whenever I post things like this, be it a tactica or a guide, I never force feed my opinion down anyone’s throat. I’d like to think that my experience has taught me some things that are worth sharing but I also recognize that I’m not omnipotent and so if you disagree then that’s fine. Differing opinions is what makes discussion worthwhile. If we all agreed on absolutely everything then how boring would that be?

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