Speedmek: Wrap Up

Speedmek: Wrap-upSo, now you have an idea the units I use in my Speedmek list and now it’s time to show how that all comes together. This is a list I’m pondering for an upcoming 1,850 tournament at the FLGS.

* Big Mek w/’eavy armor, cybork body, kustom force field = 100
* Warboss w/cybork body, mega-armor, bosspole, attack squig = 130

* Lootas x 8 = 120
* Kommandos x 10 w/burnas x 2 + Snikrot (11 total)

* Slugga Boyz x 12 w/big shoota + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, power klaw + Trukk w/ram, plank, big shoota = 167
* ‘ard Boyz x 12 w/big shoota + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, power klaw + Trukk w/ram, plank, big shoota = 210
* Shoota Boyz x 11 w/big shoota + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, big choppa + Trukk w/ram, big shoota = 136 (Big Mek here)
* Meganobz x 3 w/kombi-skorcha, kombi-rokkit, tl-shoota + Trukk w/ram, plank, big shoota = 175 (Warboss here)
* Grots x 14 + Runtherd = 52

Fast Attack
* Wartrakks x 3 w/tl-rokkits x 3 = 120
* Deffkoptas x 3 w/tl-rokkits x 3, buzzsaw x 1 = 160

Heavy Support
* Killa Kan x 3 w/grotzooka x 3 = 135
* Looted Wagon w/plates, ‘ard case, big shoota, boomgun = 130

Total: 1850

The list is designed with a few things in mind. The first, fun. I haven’t played in a tourney since April and so I just want to have fun and not stress it. The second, comp score. We do an army comp score and this scores a 9 out of 10. It would be a 10 except I have two HQ choices.

As for the list itself, the Warbosss and Meganobz are mostly a scare tactic, and I just like Meganobz. That being said, they can also be effective if used well. I used them the other week to great effect in a game of this size. Plus, I’m experimenting as I always do. I wouldn’t run this unit in anything larger though, at least not at the current size.

The general idea of the list is to hold back my troops a bit and let my support units clear openings for me. I do have five troop units but the Meganobz are a small one and Grots are never reliable. I don’t have a ton of bodies and so I can’t waste them heedlessly. Lootas will give support fire and remove transports or infantry as needed while my Wartrakks try and shoot down armor. Deffkoptas will either alpha strike a vehicle down or outflank depending on who gets first turn. Looted Wagon will aim to clear out the occupants of transports that get popped by Wartrakks and Deffkoptas, as will the Kanz. The core of my force, my troops, will wait for an opening and slam in to exploit it. Hopefully the Kommandos timing is ideal to let me hammer and anvil my opponent between them and the Trukkers.

So, there you have it, this is what Speedmek is. In the end though what it truly is for me is a list style I have fun with.

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