Thor’s Workbench: December 20th

It’s been a week since I put up the first workbench so in an attempt to keep myself on track I’ll aim to get a new one up each week.

Here’s the new list. I figure I’ll keep the old stuff on there and cross it out as I make progress. Once I get through portions of things I’ll just drop them off the list.

* Put the final highlights on my five Plague Marines and base them.
* Finish assembling Chaos Rhino #1.
* Put final detail bits on Rhino #1
* Assemble Chaos Rhino #2.
* Finish assembling my Beastmen (counts-as Lesser Daemons)

The Plague Marines were completed last week, shots here. I also got core of the first Rhino done. I just need to figure out which small bits are going on it and where to flesh it out. I also bought some Beastmen which will serve as my Lesser Daemons and I have those about 90% completed for assembly. I just need to magnetize a few arms, namely the banner arm for easy storage.

Likely the list will take a few weeks considering we have Christmas this coming weekend but I’ll keep plugging along.

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