Thor’s Workbench: Getting Close to Completion

Pulling Hair OutFor the past few months I’ve been preparing for my FLGS’ annual 40K tournament. I knew I wanted to play Chaos but that meant I had a lot of work ahead of me to get ready. I hate painting for deadlines. They stress me out and make painting not as fun as usual for me. As much as I hate them, they work. In preparing for this event I have gotten a lot of painting accomplished. I also started far enough out that I wasn’t faced with having to cram in a lot of work in a short period.

At the moment I just have a few odd ends to finish up, namely a Bloodletter arm, a bolter and basing a Spawn. Oh, and a display tray I’m working on. What I’ve managed to knock out in getting ready for this event is:

10 Bloodletters
3 Spawn
1 Daemon Prince
1 Chaos Lord
Rhino hatch
Pair of Terminator arms
Repaint Terminator power fist
Repaint power sword
Two power fists

It’s not a ton to get painted, I know many others have/had more to get done, but it was all over the place with so many small miscellaneous things. The Daemon Prince was also pretty time-consuming. I may have been working on a deadline but I wasn’t going to sacrifice quality either. The Lord also took a fair amount of time. Those two models account for easily half of my time spent painting everything.

I mentioned I’m working on a display tray and that’s going OK. I have a tray already but it’s painted in a generic fashion so any of my armies can use it. So, I wanted to create something specific to my Chaos Marines. My idea was to create a tray that I can add to my current board and be able to remove. That way I could create a separate tray that adds on for each army. Right now it’s proven better in theory than practice as I didn’t build my original board/tray to accommodate what I want to do. I do have an idea that I’m going to try this weekend so we’ll see how that works out.

The actual add-on tray I’m a bit iffy on. I got a bit sloppy on my glue application and it built up in some spots. When I added my basing sand to it, it created these small ridges, for lack of a better word. It doesn’t look bad and actually looks more natural than a completely flat surface but I have to try standing models on it and make sure it’s not going to make them tip over. The raised areas are very minimal, it’s not like a half-inch raise or anything, but when you’re talking 25mm models, well it doesn’t take a lot to unbalance them.

That being said, it’s one of those things that’s just bugging me and I may completely redo it. I guess we’ll see how my attachment idea works out and go from there. Time is short but I also don’t want to put the effort into something I’m not 100% happy with. I may just say screw it and attach the intended removable tray. It’s not like I plan to play anything but Chaos at this point anyway. If I need something more dynamic with removable parts it would probably just make more sense to start the entire project that way instead of trying to force it in later as I am now.

Can you tell the tray thing is bugging me? :P

  • I know how you fell regarding deadlines. I’m making a lot of progress, which feels good, but I’m also feeling a bit rushed and can’t spend the time with each model that I prefer to. When it comes to troops it has been a good exercise in learning to let go a little.

    Good luck on the tray. I’ll be building mine this weekend as well.

  • JustHippie

    Got me real curious about the tray now. What did you use? Why does it need to be attached?

    Wait till you guys see these trophies and Purity Seals, they came out better than I could have imagined. Nice natural wood bases, my Bronze technique has gotten really good through this project, and the info I got from DorkaMorka regarding Purity seals was awesome.
    The top 3 trophies are my favorite and “Peoples Champion” is the coolest thing ever.
    Good Luck! Can’t wait to check all the entries out.

    • I used 1/4″ MDF because I wanted something sturdy and not just foam that sat on the board. I drilled holes in the existing tray and then used dowels to join the 1/4″ MDF to the tray. I didn’t glue it down so I could pop it in and out.

      That part is all fine really, though flattening out the 1/4″ as it warped a bit on me while painting since I was washing the scenic sand on it. I’m hoping I can un-warp it but I know how that goes.

      So yeah, depending on how that goes and how the build-up of glue turns out will effect if I just redo that piece. We’ll see.

      Hoping to win at least something. I won’t be winning based on games so hoping for painting or the soft score ones.

      • JustHippie

        The problem you’re having is due to one side sealed and the increased humidity swelling the backside. At this point you can try weighting it and supporting the corners to straighten it (then use hair dryer to dry it out) and seal it quick when you get it flat (all the way around). MDF is very stable and is what most furniture and painted cabinets are made of but it needs to be sealed so it doesn’t suck up moisture and expand.
        I even seal foam all around so it doesn’t do the same thing.

        • I did manage to flattening out but tested some models on the tray and the buildup is making for some wobbly models. Just going to scrap that one and start over. Fortunately cutting another and gluing on sand won’t take long. Not like I lost a week of effort or something. Also going to revise my approach on attaching it.

          • JustHippie

            I’d suggest you seal it with a quick spray of anything all the way around before using all that water based PVA glue on it.

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