Thor’s Workbench: Obliterators on Hold, Enter Orks

One thing I’ve learned with painting is when the going gets rough take a break. I’ve been busting my butt trying to get my Obliterators done the last few weeks and they’d be done except for something that’s been nagging me. I put up some shots of me attempting OSL (object source lighting), the other day. Well, I’m happy with how the radiant light element has come along since that post, the reflections on the armor, but not so much with the power fists, the source.

Long story short I need to take a break from working on them as pounding through one technique after another is doing nothing but frustrating me as I try to find something that works. I did hit up Ron over at From the Warp about my problem and asked him to do a tutorial on my current dilemma. He was cool as always and said he may have something up next week *crosses fingers*.

With the Obliterators riding the pine for the moment I need to focus on some Ork conversions for next month. My FLGS is hosting a 40K tournament and I decided (thanks for the feedback everyone), on playing my Orks for it. The only thing I need to accomplish in about four weeks time for my list is converting two Tankbustas to have tankhammers. I have the parts all sorted out, just a matter of cutting and gluing. Of course they’ll need to get painted as well but I’ve done so many Orks I can do them in my sleep now.

I’ll likely get some shots up of the Tankbustas as I progress along this week…hopefully.

  • Ajg6116

    very cool can’t wait to see them. I am a huge fan of conversions!

    • They’ll definitely be pretty simple. Not aiming for anything elaborate with them, just WYSIWYG really.

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