Rok Da Vote: Waaagh! Ghazghkull Supplement (Closed)

Waaagh! GhazghkullThis poll has been running since the beginning of July but has received very few votes. I figured this poll would do better but I think Ork players just got tired of the long drawn out release of the codex and probably some found it a bit uninspiring like myself. Of course this is the supplement we’re discussing and not the codex itself but you don’t play the supplement if the codex falls short in your eyes.

I also feel that Orks are an army that many love but few play. They’re the comedic relief in the game, it’s hard not to like them in some form.

Anyway, time to retire this one and move on.

[poll id=”45″]

Top to bottom we have:

39% Think it kicks ass. I admit I’m very fuzzy on this supplement but from all I have heard it’s a very powerful one so not surprising to see so many in favor of it.

There’s 24% who feel it’s a solid addition. Overall rather favorable results.

Then we have 18% who think it sucks. This one I’m a bit surprised about considering all the favorable reviews I’ve seen of the supplement. Maybe it just wasn’t the supplement these people wanted? I know I’d have preferred to have seen a Speed Freek one but still.

13% Feel it’s alright and only 6% think it’s over-the-top.

So, not much of a voting turnout but overall rather positive responses.

  • Most of the negative feedback on the supplement is the same as the SW supplement. Many feel it should have been included in the cost of the codex. Everyone wants their cake, pie, and cookies :).

    • Ah, of course.

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