Warhammer 40K Tournament: The Standish Standoff 2013

The Standish Standoff 3Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine is hosting the third annual Warhammer 40K tournament called the Standish Standoff on November 23rd. It’s a 1,750 tournament for 40 players with army composition, sportsmanship, painting and of course battle points used to award various prizes for the day. There’s also the Bronze Spawn painting competition that’s separate from the gaming where you can win trophies for kick-ass painting.

There will be food, goodies for coming like a t-shirt and dice, and three awesome games. All of the information can be found in this packet. If you’re interested in signing up then you can register online here or call the store at 207-642-2612.

On a personal note, definitely come if you’re thinking about it. We set this up three years ago as a way to get in a more hobby focused tournament. The player base is always very mellow and you really shouldn’t run into any TFGs (that f*cking guy), at all. We have players show up who only get to play a few times a year to guys who play weekly. It’s always fun and there are lots of prizes.

  • jonnynobscot .

    Hi Guys! I would really like to come down to Standish for the tournament, I’ve heard its a real good time there. But with the new marine’s book just out I don’t know if I can get a handle on it in time. And to make it (feel) worse, I play Templars and was really hoping for a new codex, not just a sidebar. Decisions……decisions…..

    • Don’t let a new codex deter you; every Marine players is in the same boat. From what I’ve seen, the core of it is the same old stuff but of course there’s new tricks to learn, synergy to understand, etc. So, no reason you can’t toss down a stock Marine force and just have fun and what better way to learn the fine details than 3 awesome games?

    • TheRhino

      The new Templars rules are hardly a sidebar.

  • JD Brink

    Wish I could play but i’m about as far from Maine as you can get in the continental US. I’m not a tourney player but I’d play this one — you’ve sold me on it!

    • You’d have a blast. It’s basically the antithesis of what ‘ard Boyz was. We have our monthly tourneys for beating face, this one is more for a fun day of gaming.

  • khorneinquisitor

    The new Templar’s are great against CSM. I played against them last night and with the ability to reroll all of your misses in challenges, they have the ability to pick apart the leadership of the armies.

  • ghostlight

    I play with the DorkaMorka guys in Waltham, MA. The Crossroads gang and DorkaMorka have a blast at each other’s events. I’ve played in the Standoff twice, and it’s an excellent event. You’ll see a whole range of armies, some great paint jobs, and have a great, fun day of gaming. Nice venue and very few That F$#king Guys. Competitive, but primarily focused on fun. It’s definitely worth a trip! (And as bonus, a ticket to the Standoff always comes with some very nice swag.)

  • jonnynobscot .

    Ok, well I better get that book right away, thanks for the feedback guys!

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