Weekend Wrap-up: Boo!

Been a pretty busy week at work this week and haven’t had much time to write articles. I know, you’re all sad, me too.

This past Wednesday I got in a game against Ming for some Ork on Marine hot and heavy action. He had told me he wanted to experiment against me with something the week previous so I had asked if he wanted to play. Well, he showed up but not with his experimental list, or whatever deviousness he had devised, instead with a drop pod list. It was the first time I played a drop pod list with my Orks, at least that I can recall, and realized that my Speedmek list makes pretty short work of it. Not being able to bring all his guns to bear from the start and arriving in parts just allowed me to race up to what did come down and jump on it. It would have been risky of course, but I think a more aggressive drop would have benefited him more.

More work has been ongoing with Command Center, as you’ve probably seen the updates being posted. In the next few days I’ll try and wrangle up some more testers for it and get ready to toss it out there for everyone.

Made a lot of progress this weekend on Joe’s miniatures, which is impressive considering the little time I’ve had for it. The last full Assault Squad is complete and the final squad of six Assault Marines are under way. If I can keep the momentum going then I can get those wrapped up by next weekend and get to base coating the last few vehicles and painting a few odds and ends that need to be done for his army.

Now, I’m off to answer the door bell non-stop and try and eat dinner between kids showing up.

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