Weekend Wrap-up: Lots O’ Stuff

I got in the usual game on Wednesday and put down my tried and true Speedmek list and pulled out a minor victory over Chaos. We were play testing Recovery for the upcoming October tournament next week. I had tried last week a test an Ork list that was more shooty, which I feel has potential but I don’t have enough time to tweak it with play testing before next week. So, the tried and true list it is, which I’ll probably post up this week.

Command Center has not received any attention from me for a few weeks. AJ sent me a nice email with some good suggestions I’ll work on implementing and pushing out in the next few weeks hopefully.

I wanted to put out there that if anyone would like to be listed in my Blogroll then just fire off a comment. I try and link up anyone I see linking to me but I don’t catch them all!

I have not put up a new Gauntlet for about three weeks now, a few of you may have noticed. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with it. I like the idea of it but it’s really not seeing any responses and it’s not much fun for me to put effort into something that seems dead. I’ll probably put out a few more and see what happens. I’m hoping with the growing traffic that it may take off, we’ll see.

Oh, I’ll have a WHFB author working on articles pretty shortly. He agreed to toss his hat in the ring here so I just have to get him setup and run him through some blogging stuff. I’ll do an introduction once things are squared away but I’m excited to bring in a new author and expand the topics covered here.

Commission painting continues and half of the last full Assault Squad is complete. I’ll be working on the last half today and hopefully have that squad wrapped up this week and onto the very last six man Assault Squad.

That about covers the small items from the week!

  • Commission painting closing in on completion is a good thing!

    • Tell me about it. I’ve been doing this one for a long, long time now. It’s been an enormous project and thankfully the person I’m doing it for has been really cool about the time involved. Damn my full time job and wife for taking up precious painting time! heh

      • I’m sure the figs look a million times better due to spending time with the wife. Cause, trust me- a mad wife can mean dudes in the disposal.

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