Weekend Wrap-up: Mix O’ Stuff

Wednesday night I got in a game against a new comer to the shop. We played a 1,500 game of Marine on Marine for annihilation. I got smoked, plain and simple. For some reason when I play annihilation I always forget to go for the easy kill points and spend too much time focusing on the tougher units, the threats. By the time I realize I’m down on points it’s too late to climb out of the hole. One of these days I’ll play that damn mission correctly.

RIPPEDDRAGON posted a video battle report of the final night in our Imperium vs Xenos campaign from a few weeks ago. It’s a good report and not too long so check it out! You may know RIPPEDDRAGON as the guy who faced Jawaballs in the 2nd round of ‘ard Boyz nationals in the east.

I’m working on some of Joe’s Marines though I’m admittedly not getting as much done as I could. The PC game Blood Bowl was on sale this weekend so I finally snagged it. It’s addictively fun. The game really is a 3D representation of the table top game, though there’s a mode where things are a bit altered but even that is almost exactly the same. I never played the table top game so it’s all new to me and new things are fun!

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