Weekend Wrap-up: My Brain Hurts!

Not a whole lot to report this weekend. As previously mentioned, I’ve had a huge project at work that had a deadline pushed on me that has been kicking my ass the past few weeks, mostly this week though. As a result I’ve not had much of any time to dedicate to getting stuff up on the site.

This past Wednesday I ran a test list for the upcoming 1,850 tournament this month at Crossroad Games with my Orks. I didn’t go all that well. I was trying out a shooty/fast list and faced a great Blood Angels player who pretty much destroyed me. I came to the realization that for a KoS list to work it really needs the core of Trukk Boyz that I usually take but didn’t with this particular list, at least not in the quantity I normally do.

I’ve been trying to keep updated on the 40K front and the new Dark Eldar are looking more and more appealing. The one thing I was hoping for with them was that they’d be a viable army without having to spam transports and after reading this on BoLS it seems that may be the case. Well, I’m at least hoping with expensive transports that the army can function with a minimal amount of them. Not that I have anything against the style of play but since I play my Orks KoS style I wanted to see DE with the ability to play differently than that. I’m not one of those people who wants to play the same way with every army I have, I want each to play differently. Dark Eldar may become my fourth army in the near future…

On the commission painting front, Joe will be happy to know I finished off the reserve Tact Squad and am progressing through the last full Assault Squad. Once they’re done I’ll be left with six more Assault Marines. I do have some more vehicles to base coat but that’s quick and easy. Since I’ll be leaving to visit my in-laws shortly, I won’t be able to get in more painting until Monday.

Here’s to hoping this upcoming week goes much more smoothly and I can get back into full swing here with the site.

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