Weekend Wrap-up: Paint and Play

I had some stuff I wanted to post up over the week but for one reason or another it never happened. So, introducing the Weekend Wrapup, where I post random stuff from the week that I forgot about, wasn’t really worth posting on its own, or I just feel like tossing in.

On the commission side of things, continuing to make progress on Joe’s Marines. It seems like that’s about all I ever have to say but it is true. I’m wrapping up the large reserve squad now and then moving into the Assault Squad. I would be further along but I took a few days off to paint up a Librarian of my own for the tournament at the shop. Which leads us to…

Wednesday we started a two week tournament. Originally the shop wasn’t going to hold a normal tourney this month on account of the anniversary weekend event, at which there would be no 40K. So, we were to have a tourney held on Wednesday night over 2-weeks in its place.

As the painted Librarian would suggest, I’m opting to use my Marines for this. I need some time off from da Boyz. Plus, I’ve only used my Marines once at a tourney and lost all three games so I feel the need to vindicate myself.

The setup is different than usual. It’s a 1K game where you can only have one of each force org slot but you can double up one slot except HQ. Oh, no named characters either. My Marines consist of: Terminator Librarian w/5 Tactical Termies, 10 Tacts w/Razorback (combat squadded), 10 Tacts w/Drop Pod and a Land Speeder Typhoon. The idea is to be able to bounce the Termies with gate of infinity via-Librarian using teleport homers and locator beacons.

I got to play Daemons for the first time ever, which coincidentally was his first time playing them, or 40K, ever. So, I took a pretty decisive win but mostly on account of some bad deep strike scattering. What he had live and get to me really put a dent into those units so better scattering for him would have made a much tighter game.

On the shop forums we’ve been discussing army composition scoring. My opinions are clearly stated in my previous post My Change of View on Army Composition. We’re going back and forth a bit but fortunately the discussion has been extremely civil. We may aim to have a tournament where we remove army comp and try it out and get feedback after. I have the feeling outright removing it without a trial run isn’t going to fly, and that’s fine.

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