Weekend Wrap-up: I’m Not Here!

This past Wednesday we had the second game in our two week tournament. I actually played two games for it. If you play more than one game then you take the average of your games as your score. If you guessed I lost the first one and wanted to play a second to raise my average score then you’d have guessed correctly. I did win the second so at least that plan worked out. The result of the first game is now an article in progress for the Lessons Learned series, which should go up next week some time.

Next week at the shop we’ll have make up games for the two week tournament and open play for anyone else. Between the previous three week tournament series, the Imperials vs Xenos campaign, and now the two week tournament series, we haven’t had open play for a while. It’ll be nice to toss around my Marines again and get back to working on some list ideas there, which I’ll probably toss around the blog as I work through it.

Those aware of the Gauntlet series will have noticed no new one on Friday. I have not had the chance to do it on account of the afore mentioned two week tournament. So, I’m pushing it back to next Friday. On a related note, Kamui has agreed to do an interview. We’ll have some serious questions, pry into his brain a bit, and some humor to lighten things up a bit around here. Kamui made a quick appearance briefly about two months ago and I wanted to dust him off and push him into posting something. Let’s see if it works.

Oh, and I’m not here…ssshhh! I’m taking off with my wife for the long weekend and won’t be back until Monday. We’re leaving Friday and this is being posted on Saturday (hopefully). I use WordPress and a feature it has that I’ve only toyed with is the ability to postdate articles. So, I figured this would be a good chance to try it out. The way it works though is it requires someone to visit this site during the day the article is postdated for. When someone loads the site at the appointed time, or some time after, the article is published. It’s a lame cron method but it’s workable.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get some article ideas worked out while relaxing in the mountains drinking some nice locally brewed beer. Enjoy the long weekend, to those in the US, and see you next week!

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