Weekly Wrap-up: A Day Late

I would have gotten this up yesterday but on Thursday night I began constantly sneezing. A few hours later my nose was running like a faucet and breathing was a chore. I had taken Friday off because my wife and I were going on an overnight trip but we had to cancel that on account of my sinuses. A visit to the doctor and a few days of medication has a least put me back to operable. The fall in Maine is brutal.

Last week I discussed a recent Blood Bowl game and what my opponent told me when I had pretty well given up. It’s one thing to give it your all and still lose, it’s another to not even really try.

It’s easy to get into a rhythm with gaming and so I talk about doing something different and being surprised at the results.

I’ve made steady progress on my Chaos army and chat a bit about it here. I also did some work over the weekend between popping pills and blowing my nose. I finally got some wings for my metal Daemon Prince and got those attached. I’m in the process of sculpting and gap filling to get them to look like their meant to be on there. I’ll try to get some shots this week. I also built a few buildings for my FLGS to bring in since we’re going to need some more for our big upcoming tournament next month.

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