Weekly Wrap-up: A Little of This and That

I started out the week with a review of Project Wonderful. It’s an ad service for both advertisers and publishers and if you’ve considered putting ads on your site then be sure to check out my review. Also, if you’re interested in running ads for your site and want to do it for dirt cheap, which includes for $0, then also check it out.

As I continue working on my Chaos army I keep trying to work out some fluff for them. They’re renegades of my own devising and I’m having a hard time finding some worthwhile fluff for inspiration…help!

This week I also closed the poll asking you what you thought regarding the Necron power level with their new codex. Some interesting results.

Wednesday I got in two games with my Chaos Marines and learned some very valuable lessons. I’ve been riding the wave of wins for a while now and so it was just a matter of time before I fell. Despite the lack of wins I’m extremely happy with what I took away from those games.

In hobby news things have been slow. The motivation for painting has been lacking. I’m one highlight color away, and basing, from finishing off 5 Plague Marines. Seems like I’ve been working on them forever…probably because I have. The one thing I told myself was I would not rush this army but that’s turned into laziness, go figure! If I can just knock out these Plague Marines I’ll remove the roadblock and likely find motivation again. I really need to start buying some stuff to bulk out the army. What to buy next…

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