Weekly Wrap-up: A Lot Going On

Let’s dive in.

Kamui put up an article in his summer challenge series about the progress so far with his Marines by the name of Reavers, a DIY Space Wolf chapter. They’re looking good so far but he has a ways to go.

Stealthy Stealth put up an article looking for some feedback with his Grey Knights. He needs to scale up the list and has offered up a few ideas to do that.

Command Center got a minor update and I have another planned for next week. I’ll be introducing a new feature but I’ll make you wait to find out what that feature is.

This past Wednesday I got in a game at the LGS for the third week in our campaign. Instead of it being the typical battle report I instead discuss the huge mistake I made during the game and the lesson I took away from it.

I’ll be starting up a Chaos army very soon and I chat a bit about doing just that.

On the painting front I’ve made some steady progress on my Land Raider Redeemer. This is a model I haven’t been looking forward to doing at all. It’s just huge and time consuming. At this point I have it all base coated and most of the washing done. All the details have been picked out too. Highlighting is complete on the reds and metallics, working on highlighting black now. I’m aiming to have this done to use in this month’s tournament on the 23rd. Going to be a tight deadline.

  • Amberclad87

    That land raider better be done!!!!

    • Yeah, yeah, working on it. I’m highlighting the black so once that’s done I just have to get some mud/dirt on it and it’s complete.

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