Weekly Wrap-up: Always Something to Work on

I’ve finally, I think, completed the tournament software I had been creating for use the Crossroad Games. It’s pretty simple really. You add your players and create matches. It has a random match pairing feature and a point based match pairing feature to easily set up matches with a single click. It tracks the points for each match and runs a total for each player so at the end of the day it’s all there, no messing around. It also tracks paint scores and sportsmanship if being used. The cool part, as a player, is it’s all publicly accessible so you can see how you did for any tournament that was entered into the system. This software should save us a lot of time at the tournaments and get us rolling and out of there sooner.

Command CenterI have done a little work with Command Center also though not nearly as much as I’d like. As I said the other week, I’m completely re-writing the code to allow for easier expansion going forward. I’ve no ETA on when it will be done but hopefully sooner than later.

On the gaming front, we wrapped up the fourth week of our campaign at the LGS. I put up an article the other day about it. It was an interesting battle to say the least.

I also wrote two new missions for use at the LGS: Battlefield Superiority and Special Ops. I haven’t had a chance to play test either of these yet but should be able to in the next few weeks. I’m sure there will be some refinement needed, there always is.

I started a new round of quizzes this past week aimed at beginners, though everyone is welcomed to participate. You can see the first quiz here.

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  • Anonymous

    Yep, always something to work on. For me it seems I always have something to *frantically* work on. And yet here I am on the internets.

    • It’s hard when you have multiple addictions :)

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