Weekly Wrap-up: Another Slow Week

Played Ming on Wednesday in a dawn of war annihilation game. He had his Ultramarines and I brought Fate’s Angels, my Marines. The game was a pretty slow game that was mostly uneventful. The board was dominated by large hills that vehicles couldn’t go over, so there were really only three lanes to move forward through. Being that I brought along six vehicles, I didn’t have a ton of choices and in the end Ming took the win by one kill point.

Looks like I won’t be making the 2K tournament this month at the LGS. My brother in-law is up and we’re going to do a Thanksgiving thing that weekend before actual Thanksgiving, which of course is the weekend of the tournament. Ah well, family comes first and nothing wrong with taking a month off.

A reminder, Command Center, an 40K army list building tool, is available to people if they want to try it out. You can find out more info by hitting up the site.

Still working on Joe’s stuff, commission work. There are a few things I’m missing in order to get things 100% complete (will email you in a bit, Joe), but I’ve gone ahead and prepped those models, primed them, and will start working on them so I can be ready for when the bits I need come in.

  • Too bad on the tourney, but enjoy your visit with family!

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