Weekly Wrap-up: Back in the Swing of Things

Busy week here so in case you missed it here’s what’s been going on.

Command Center got a relatively major update I’m dubbing the Community Update. I introduced community interaction with the site to make it more than just a place to create lists. The details are here.

I’ve decided it’s time to get out of my hobby rut and to that effect I’ve started workbench on the blog. So far it’s worked and hopefully next week I’ll have some more progress to report and a workbench update.

With the year drawing to a close I began thinking about 40K beyond the game and what it is to me. So, I did an article about just that.

As a result of my workbench noted above I finally posted some progress on a Plague Marine squad I’ve had on my table for too long. The shots aren’t great and I’ll take better ones once completed but here they are.

My Chaos Marines faced Imperial Guard this week, an army I notoriously do terrible against. The game was great and a close one at that. The full report is over here.

Kamui posted up some hobby progress on his Reavers. His army is really coming along and this is the most painted to completion army of his I’ve seen yet!

In other news, yesterday was our FLGS’ monthly tournament. We’re hoping to get a joint effort report up this week with some shots of the matches.

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