Weekly Wrap-up: Back to Normal

This past week has been busy (aren’t they all?), so not much to report. I’m on a mini-vacation with my wife to celebrate our birthdays. Yep, we both have the same birthday; same day but different year.

Wednesday we played the last game in our campaign at the LGS. We played Apocalypse, which was more like a big 40K game with super heavies because we weren’t using formations or strategic assets for the sake of moving the game along quicker. The last time we played an Apoc game, using all the rules for Apoc, we spent four or five hours churning through just two turns and that game was smaller. This game was 8K per-team and we did get through three full turns in around three and a half hours.

The game itself was honestly pretty uneventful considering. Long story short, we set up two 8′ boards length-wise, so 16′ long. Why it was decided to go length-wise is beyond me. My team setup spread along the length of the board. There were seven objectives: two in the west, one center and four to the east. We put some light troops to the west, concentrated our major fire power centrally and more light troops east. The other team decided to setup completely to the west in the corner. In the end they simply could not get down the board where we were holding five objectives at the end of the third turn so we called it.

With the campaign now concluded, my team having won, things will return to normal at the LGS, which is to say free play, so time to re-focus on Fate’s Angels and slowly working up a list for ‘ard Boyz.

This past week I put out two new quizzes for beginners: Movement Phase and Shooting Phase (Part 1). I’m aiming to do two of these a week since there’s a lot to cover and I don’t want to spend months trying to complete the series.

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