Weekly Wrap-up: Beer!

I’d love to say I got a lot accomplished last week and this weekend but that’s just not true. You see, Saturday was the Maine Brew Fest in Portland and like any craft beer lover I attended. I went along with Kamui and seven others to drown ourselves in some great local brews. If anyone is in the area I highly recommend Sebago Brewing Company’s bourbon barrel cask aged barley wine. It hurts so good.

The Brew Fest pretty well took care of the weekend. However, I did get some more painting done for Joe, leaving me with just three more models to go! So, so close to being done. I also got in a game on Wednesday against Space Wolves and fought for a draw. I brought along my Marines and we played one of the Chaos Battle Missions, the one with the warp gate in the center. I played as the Chaos side, quickly taking the lead but the Space Wolves fought back well and pushed the draw. It was a hard fought battle against one of the players that routinely beats me, so a draw was acceptable in my book.

That’s about it. It was another busy week at work, with another one this week for sure, so things will probably be pretty quiet here.

  • i read about that beer somewhere and then this weekend my friend was saying he wanted to try it. Word is getting around!

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