Weekly Wrap-up: Behind the Scenes

Another series of mine I have not done for a while.

Some great guys down in Massachusetts are holding a tournament this coming Saturday. Last I knew they still had some spots left. Read up on it if you’re interested.

Lately I’ve been lacking ideas and looking for new topics to cover. With so many great blogs out there it’s hard to come up with something original and interesting. So, I chat a bit about my writer’s block.

Last week I got in another game with my fledgling Chaos army and did well. I’m really enjoying working on this army from the hobby side of things and it’s nice to see it doing well on the table too.

After a few months I finally got around to a new installment of Community Pimp’n. I’m aiming to keep this weekly again, or at least bi-weekly. We’ll see which I manage.

In November my FLGS in Standish, Maine will be hosting a large tournament called The Standish Standoff. We’re wrapping up the packet and will have it completed soon, at which time I’ll be sure to toss it up here for those interested in attending. My original plan was to get my Chaos army completed by that time but that just won’t come to pass, so Marines it is.

I’ve been putting a lot of work into my Chaos army converting, sculpting and painting. I’ve dubbed my Chaos army as my ‘hobby’ army so I’m not about to rush and sacrifice quality and detail for the sake of having them ready in time for November. I’m getting a lot of enjoyment from working on them and I’d rather be completely happy with the results no matter how long it takes. It’s not as though I’m lacking for an army to play.

I would be closer to completion but I’ve been painting other stuff, namely refinishing a couple of pieces of furniture. In the past three weeks I’ve finished a cabinet and a bench, both absorbing most of my weekends lately and leaving little time to paint plastic men.

Then there was the fun of this past weekend. Long story short, the toilet on the 2nd floor has leaked over a period of time and ruined the sheet rock below it, the ceiling in the kitchen. I’ve had to cut away the ruined sheet rock and then replaced the wax ring for the toilet. I thought everything was good and then a day later the dripping from the toilet began again so last night I called a plumber. It may be I didn’t get the wax ring on there well, or maybe something else is going on, either way I’d rather pay a professional to ensure it’s right then me screw around with it more and think I have it fixed and close everything in to only have to redo it all over. The joys of owning your own place.

Lastly, but certainly not least, this Wednesday the 28th marks my wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for 11 years and are about to celebrate 8 years of marriage. We’ll be taking off for the week, leaving tomorrow, to visit family and enjoy our anniversary. Naturally I won’t be blogging while I’m away, at least if I want to continue to stay married, and so things will be quiet around here.


  • Dave Garbe

    congrats on the anniversary!
    And hopefully the toilet’s not cracked.

    • Thanks. We had a good week. Unfortunately it’s back to work on Monday.

      All good on the toilet. It happened to be the wax ring that it sits on. I had replaced it but we have an old place and apparently you need to use two wax rings. Pays to have a professional check things out, now I know.

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