Weekly Wrap-up: Catch-up Edition

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a wrap-up so some of this goes back more than this week.

I’m trying to get back to my roots with blogging and put out a few articles to that effect. I began this blog with articles that were more focused on introspection and generally thoughtful. As I was preparing lists for a local team tournament I put out an article about just keeping things fresh and interesting. I also did an article that I had mulled around for a while, recognizing a lost cause. It’s probably one of the most common mistakes I see in a game, just pushing forward with a plan that is destined to fail. Evan did an article on meta gaming your local environment with a great response.

I have been thinking of starting a new army and pondered whether the new Necron codex will be what I hope or just more of the same.

Lastly, a new author began writing here, Amberclad. He put up an article that anyone can appreciate in the current financial market, saving money.

I was hoping to get the tournament report up today but didn’t have time. Hopefully tomorrow it will be completed.

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