Weekly Wrap-up: Fall Fun

I put up a new Rok Da Vote asking if you think the 40K blogosphere is becoming stagnant. I put up a short article explaining my thoughts on it. If you haven’t voted yet then here’s your chance.

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My FLGS is hosting a large tournament in November, which I mentioned, and later that day it sold out! We started registration on a Wednesday and us locals had until Friday to register before anyone else and then it went public. In just six days, four days of public registration, all 30 slots were consumed. Amazing.

Oh the hobby front I’ve been getting a lot accomplished, mostly modeling and sculpting, but I have been painting a few test pieces. First I showed my completed Berzerker and then my WIP Chaos Terminator.

On Wednesday I got in a game against a Daemon player looking to find ways to deal with null zone. It was a great game and closer than I probably made it sound.

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