Weekly Wrap-up: Games and Paint

This past week was a very busy week for me on the painting front. Since wrapping up Joe’s Marines I’ve just about finished painting my Assault Squad. I just have the Sarge left and he should be done this weekend.

Wednesday was the second week of our campaign. My team has taken an early lead, now let’s see if we can hold it. I also got in a game against Kamui on Thursday night. I brought 1,500pts worth of Marines and fought his Orks. Long story short, I got spanked thoroughly. I picked up some worthwhile insights on my continued efforts with a Shrike list though, so it’s all good. I’ll post up my idea for an 1,850 list to use in the LGS campaign next week.

Command CenterI’m currently working on Command Center v2.0. This is a complete rewrite of the program, which is a ton of work, but once it’s done I’ll then be able to ‘drop in’ additional games with relative ease. It’s currently only for 40K but come v2.0 I’ll be aiming to get WHFB built into it and then add on specialist games as I have time. There will also be some new features but I’m keeping things quiet for now since I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

I plan to pick up my Blogging Tips series again hopefully next week. I was aiming to get out an RSS article but Warhammer 39,999 put out a great one that really covers anything I had to say on the subject. On that note, check out Wargaming Tradecraft’s article on RSS. I do have some other topics in mind so time to get drafting articles.

  • ming from B&C

    I played vs Orks yesterday at Dirigo Hobbies and fought to a draw on 5 objectives… was fairly pleased on my list, 1500 points. The opponent has been collecting 40K orks for a long time, but had not played in 5th ed. We had dawn of war, sieze ground, and he went first. Went 6 turns. The orks pulled the draw when he used a Kan and a looted wagon to block my rhino rush from tank shokking his grotz off a back field objective. We ended 2-2. Gave him pointers on multi-assaulting units, which would have been a good thing for him but would not have helped the outcome. I was able to wipe out 2 large boyz mobs, a grotz mob, and a couple of kans and kopters and warboss before my strenght started to wane.

    • Not bad at all. That’s a lot of bodies to mow down.

      How’s the shop anyway? Been meaning to stop in and check it out.

      • ming from B&C

        Clean, and a SPORTS BAR WITHIN 150 FEET. Is a Games Workshop affiliated store. 4 game tables so far, working on terrain. Has card games and sports cards too. Played the game and then walked over to see some hockey, hot wings, and cold beers.

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