Weekly Wrap-up: Hobby Stuff

This past week was pretty sparse in terms of stuff going on here and otherwise. A major snow storm caused the LGS to close on Wednesday and so I haven’t managed to play at all this week. I’m starting to get the shakes…

I have as a result though been focusing on getting some painting done, as well as some conversion work. I posted up some shots of my WIP counts-as Shrike the other day, you can see it here. I’m also wrapping up painting my Terminators. Once those are done I’ll probably move on to painting up Shrike.

A new Rok Da Vote went up the other day, see here. I had a glitch when I put up the poll originally so I reset the votes. If you voted within the first few days of it going up then you can re-vote now.

[poll id=”9″]

Guess that’s it!

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