Weekly Wrap-up: It’s Been a While

It’s been a good many weeks since I’ve posted a wrap-up but I finally have some ‘spare’ time.

Fate Lord Monthu
Fate Lord Monthu

I managed to get around to taking some shots of my completed counts-as Shrike, Fate Lord Monthu. I don’t often put up hobby stuff but I’m very happy with the conversion work and how he came together. You can see more shots over here.

Command CenterSo, Command Center is updated now to v1.3. It was a pretty big undertaking and sets me up for easier future updates, so well worth the time. I’ve noticed quite a few new sign ups, which is great, and I’m always open to hearing feedback about the program. If you’re interested in a free 40K army list building program then check it out.

By now everyone has heard that GW is raising prices on a fair amount of their products. I give my brief and indifferent view on the matter here.

Wednesday I played against Imperial Guard at my FLGS and put a report up here. The list I used in that game is what I’ll be bringing to this month’s tournament. This month’s tournament is different than usual though. You bring a 1,500 core list and then two 500pt sideboards so you have a 2K list. Once you know the mission and your opponent you can choose which sideboard you’re using. The problem I’ve had with it is putting together a truly cohesive list at 2K with this method. So, I’ve opted to just run a 2K list.

Speaking of, I’m close to having my typical 2K Marine list fully painted. I’m working on some magnetized arms to finish off a few models and then on to getting my Land Raider Redeemer painted up. I’d love to have the Redeemer done for next week’s tournament but I just won’t have the time to complete it and I hate fielding half-done models. Of course, I hate fielding unpainted models too but rather it be unpainted then in progress and then get damaged or scratched.

  • Anonymous

    And in other news, EvantheNoob has been a lazy slacker who can’t seem to finish his articles. Seriously though, I’m swamped with work – it’ll be a stretch getting my 2k Wolves put together in time.

    •  You’ve got just under a week to get them together :P

      • Anonymous

         They’re coming together. I’ve got all the Grey Hunters assembled, and most of the Long Fangs. I’ve just got to assemble three razorbacks, 3 land speeders, 2 dreadnoughts (maybe), and some wolf guard… oh dear.

        • Anonymous

           In other news, rare earth magnets are awesome! I know, welcome to 2011.

          •  That’s an impressive amount of assembly. As far as magnets go, once you start using them you’ll wonder why you didn’t use them prior and you’ll magnetize everything going forward.

  • Capn_Stoogey

    I can’t believe I only just got the significance of the picture relative to the post, I must be getting old…

    • heh, well I figure not everyone is a fan or knows who that is anyway. The fact you did get it probably puts you ahead of most, even if it is a week late :P

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