Weekly Wrap-up: My Nose is Tuffed Up

Small wrap-up today. Wednesday I got in a really fun team game. Next month we’ll be doing a team tournament so I’ll be working through some lists leading up to it. I’ll most likely be playing my Orks, though I may stray to the Necrons. The first time I ran my Necrons in a team tournament we did really well and it was a blast. I was partnered with a Tau player I know and we went 2-1 for the day, losing out to Kamui and a Space Wolf player in the final game. Too many angry things trying to chop us up did us in.

Also next month we’ll be starting up an interesting campaign. We don’t yet know the full details, just that the first game is a 500pt per-player mega-battle. Once the game is done the top two players get to pick their teams. The details are being leaked out on a need to know basis, should be fun. Da boyz will probably be attending this campaign. They’re feeling neglected after all my Marine loving lately.

Beyond that, a quiet uneventful week, well other than the damn cold I managed to pick up a few days ago.


  • Our “long-suffering” (it’s a joke, really) Nids player just picked up Necrons as his second “love” (?) and is learning to play them. It’s pretty fun to watch.

    Feel better soon!

    • I have a love/hate relationship with my Necrons. I love everything about them except I hate how they got boned in 5th edition. However, a team game is a great chance to field them since I have a partner, so things tend to balance out.

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