Weekly Wrap-up: So Little Time

Things have continued to remain extremely busy for me. That means the commission work for Joe has been at a crawl, though damn near completion…how long have I been saying that, damn.

Command Center has received some new users but overall it appears to have fallen on deaf ears or people just dislike it. Related, I’ve been doing some work for a tournament program for use at the LGS, however like everything, time spent on it has been minimal.

The potential author for WHFB stuff here seems to be closer to actually posting something but when remains to be seen. I’ve also asked another person I know if he’d be interested in being an author here and he’s agreed. He’ll be focusing on Tau stuff and should have some articles up after the holidays.

This past Wednesday we held a 500pt tournament at the LGS and I didn’t do too bad with Fate’s Angels, my Marines. At the end of the tournament I was 1-1-1, however I realized too late that I actually went 2-0-1. I’d explain but it’s lengthy and not worth it. It would not have netted me first place so it only matters for my own knowledge.

That about covers it. Hopefully I can pick up the pace again here and get more articles out than I’ve been managing. If only there were 25 hours in a day.

  • That’s too bad about turning a win into a draw, I hope it was just a mistake and not anything nefarious. As for Command Center I’m at least still using it and really like what you’ve set up. Even though I haven’t had much gaming time the last several months, it’s still been a lot of help for me planning out new armies I’d like to collect. Would you mind if I reviewed CC for my blog? I’d be happy to help out a bit promoting your work.

    • Nah, nothing nefarious at all and it was me claiming I had lost that match. It wasn’t until talking with someone later on that I realized I screwed up and actually won. Oh well.

      That would be cool if you reviewed it. I think mainly it’s that CC is still very unknown. I can promote it all day long here but I have a rather small audience and have not drawn the attention of the more influential people yet.

      • Great, I’ll put a review together and get it posted this week. Thanks, Thor!

        • No need to thank me, you’re the one doing me a favor :)

    • Oops, just noticed that was a win turned into a loss… ouch! Sorry ’bout that.

      • No, you had it right the first time, a loss should have been a win. I thought I was 1-1-1 (win-loss-draw), when really I should have been 2-0-1 (win-loss-draw).

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