Weekly Wrap-up: Tournament Preperation

Last weekend I was gone and didn’t have the chance to get a wrap-up posted. So, this is what’s been going on here since the last one.

Evan has been talking about his ideas with starting Marines. He’s looking to go with the Raptor Legion. He put up a test list as a base for starting his chapter. He’s also getting ready for the upcoming 2K tournament at our FLGS this month. There’s a list here and the revised one here for his Tau.

As for myself, I attended the 1,750 tournament at the FLGS the other week and didn’t do poorly despite a weak start. The tournament made me realize something as a player and I posted about it here. I have played three games since the tournament, trying to work with my recent revelation. The first game was against Blood Angels and the next two against Tau.

Two of the missions I wrote previously I’ve since rewritten: King of the Hill and Attack and Defend. I wanted to remove the turn based scoring I had used there. It was an interesting twist on scoring but one most players were not fond of.

Lastly, two more beginners quizzes have gone up: 40K Beginners Quiz #12: Vehicles (Part3) and 40K Beginners Quiz #13: Universal Special Rules. I have another one or two left to do and the series will be complete.

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