Weekly Wrap-up: Two Weeks in a Row!

First time in a long time I put up a Wrap-up for two consecutive weeks. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot going on this week.

I put up a battle report of the LGS’ June tournament. It was a team tournament, which is always fun and myself and my partner managed to win painting awards. Our painting outperformed our game play though. There’s always the next one.

A new poll is up on the latest wave of 40K 6th edition rumors. If you haven’t seen the rumors yet then poke around, they’re everywhere. You can vote off to the right or just below.

[poll id=”13″]

We have a new author here, Stealthy Stealth, and he put up an article on dealing with rules disputes. Kamui is working on getting his Space Marines ready. Check that out.

That’s it for this week. I apologize if you’re commenting on stuff and I’m not responding. I scheduled the past few days of articles to go up while I’m away for the weekend. I’ll be back Sunday night and check to see if I missed anything exciting.

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