Weekly Wrap-up: What Day is it?

I did not have a chance to do a wrap-up last week, so here’s all sorts of stuff I’ve been up to.

I’ve put out four more Beginners Quizzes since the last wrap-up:

40K Beginners Quiz #8: Morale
40K Beginners Quiz #9: Characters, Psykers & Unit Types
40K Beginners Quiz #10: Vehicles (Part 1)
40K Beginners Quiz #11: Vehicles (Part 2)

I’m drawing in on finally completing this series, just a few left to go. Hopefully people are enjoying these. They’re certainly getting the traffic but responses are pretty minimal.

Last Saturday I attended the Battle for the Burbs and had a great time. This is an event they do a few times a year and I really look forward to attending again in the future. Just yesterday I attended a tournament at my FLGS and hopefully Monday I’ll have that report up.

To bounce around a bit here, this past Wednesday I got in a game at my FLGS. It was a good game but I came to realize a few things with my Marines, what I want to do with them anyway. So, I put up a report and proposed a list idea. I admit, the list idea was rough to say the least and in that current form would have been stomped. Hey, we all write some really lousy lists time to time. What I found amusing was that it got probably the most response than any other list I’ve put out there. I’m glad, don’t get me wrong, tell me when I’m stupid, but still amusing. Am I to assume then that the lists I put up that get no response are just awesome by contrast? :) Oh, rest assured that the list in that article is not the one I took yesterday.

Oh yeah, finally figured out a poll worth putting up. Vote!

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