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Battle Review: 1,000pt 40K Tournament

Saturday was a 40K tournament at my LGS at 1,000pts. I brought along my Disciples of Twilight, Chaos Marines, and ran this list. The idea with the list was something fun and themed as I’m aiming towards getting a list finalized for Fratris Salutem, a spring 40K tournament. My first…Read More


Continued Progress on All Fronts

So it has been several weeks since I last posted up here you can thank work for that, but that is just the way she goes. This beautiful girl to the left has been my morale support through it all. With that being said I have had good run on…Read More

Crimson Fist Scout

CFKT II: Crimson Fist Kill Teams part 2

I can spend hours coming up with kill team combos and cool black-ops characters to fill the most important spots on the roster.  Here’s a few characters I came up with so far (by no means an exhaustive list): Warhawk.  There’s nothing in this sector that walks, crawls, or dies…Read More

Crimson Fists

CFKT I: Crimson Fist Kill Teams (part 1)

With the revision and republication of the 40K Kill Team rules comes a second wind for me in playing my Crimson Fists.  (Well, the new codex helped a little bit too.)  Actually, Kill Teams offers a new opportunity to play a lot of different armies, even more so than the Allies rules,…Read More

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Tournament Report: Disciples of Twilight @ 1,500

This past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament. I decided to try something different and bring along a Khorne heavy force. The list is here but bear in mind it was built for fun, not optimized competitive play. I wanted to get a Land Raider in my list to check…Read More