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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Sudden Strike (Part 12)

    We altered this mission from a simple strike and kill mission into a more narrative form with the imperial forces defending a derelict titan hangar, finding a titan within but being attacked by the alpha legion before they can fully explore the site and bring the titan online.

    Phase 3 – Mission 2 – Sudden Strike

    Kill point mission. Short table edges [End to end] deployment.

    Chaos forces deploy first and have first turn. Chaos force includes their Lord of war selection.

    The imperial forces lord of war will arrive on a 6+ at the start of turn 3, a 4+ at the start of turn 4 and automatically at the start of turn 5. In addition any other imperial units placed into reserve are delayed by a further turn. (They start coming in on turn 3.)

    The bitter end: instead of rolling the imperial player can force turn 6 to be played.

    Onslaught attack, Slay the warlord, line breaker, price of failure.

    Onslaught attack:

    Gain 1 victory point for each unit destroyed in the first turn.

    Price of Failure:

    Lord of war is worth 1 VP per 3 HP/wounds it started with when destroyed




    Primary Force: Mechanicum

    Warlord: Arch Magos Prime Driel: Myrmidax, graviton gun, djiin skien, master crafted phased plasma fusil, mechanicator array, cyber familiar, chainfist, paragon blade, 4 cyber occularis, Rad grenades, augury scanner.  (Campaign warlord trait – 1 to enemy reserve rolls)

    Secutarii hoplites, 10 with arc lances and mag inverter shields.

    Thallax 1 multi melta, 2 lightning guns, tank hunters

    Thallax 1 multi melta, 2 lightning guns, tank hunters

    Krios venator

    Myrmidon secutors 3 with dual phased plasma fusils

    Myrmidon destructors   3 with conversion beamers

    Thanatar, Paragon of metal, enhanced targeting array

    Vorax 3 with bio ammo rotor cannons

    Ursurax 3 with dual power fists

    Magos prime, Servo arm, power axe, volkite culverin, ordinator

    Aduseclaris 10 with laslocks and carapace armour.


    Warhound titan with plasma blastgun and turbo laser destructor.

    Secondary force: Storm hawks

    Thunder gryph cavalry, one with thunder hammer, one with wolf claw and melta bombs, one with thunder hammer and storm shield.

    Blood claw pack, wolf guard pack leader with thunder hammer and combat shield, meltagun, 1 thunder hammer, 7 with bolt pistol and ccw.

    Tactical squad, 5 bolters, heavy bolter, grav gun, veteran sergeant with thunder hammer and plasma pistol.

    Long fang squad, 5 missile launchers, ancient with flamer.

    Devastator centurions, 3 with grav cannon+amp and hurricane bolters.



    Primary Force: Alpha legion

    Warlord: Preator Susurri, Tartaros terminator armour, Iron halo, Paragon blade, power dagger, volkite charger, void shield harness, Venom spheres, Meltabombs, volkite charger. (His campaign warlord trait gave an additional 500pts to his bodyguard unit.)

    Flense, Level 2 librarian with force axe, artificer armour, refractor field, plasma pistol, melta bombs.

    Loquere, Chaplian with power dagger, melta bombs, venom spheres, Power maul, artificer armour, refractor field.

    Vetus, Primus medicae in terminator armour, power dagger, power sword, needle pistol.

    Terminator command squad 2 chainfists, 2 power fists, 1 reaper autocannon, 3 combi bolters with banestrike ammo. Includes banner bearer.

    Leviathan dreadnought, cyclonic melta lance, 2 twin linked volkite calivers, siege drill, phosphex discharger.

    Vindicator, Laser destroyer array.

    Tactical squad 10 men with bolters, sergeant with artificer armour and power sword.

    Rhino combi bolter

    Tactical squad 10 men with bolters, sergeant with artificer armour and power sword.

    Rhino combi bolter

    Breacher squad, 10 men, 2 meltaguns, sergeant with artificer armour, power sword, meltabombs, breaching charge.

    Proteus land raider, armoured ceramite, printle multi melta.

    Rapier team: Laser destroyer

    Duoboros: Techmarine with power axe, servo arm, bolt pistol and meltabombs.

    Tactical support squad: 10 with meltaguns, sergeant has artificer armour.

    Rhino combi bolter

    Rapier team, graviton cannon



    Mastodon with 2 HKM.

    (Remainder of points spent on power daggers for all squad sergeants)


    Secondary Force: Emperors Children

    Rapier team quad mortar with shatter shells

    Rapier team quad mortar with shatter shells

    Rapier team quad mortar with shatter shells

    Legion consul, power armour, bolt pistol, chainsword.

    Contemptor cortus dreadnought, keres, ccw with meltagun.

    Sicaran with lascannon sponsons

    Vindicator with demolisher cannon and power of the machine spirit.

    Deredeo with autocannons, heavy bolters and missile launcher

    Story Excerpt

    Titan hangar LTP#552874632985

    Driel looked up from his telemetry as the storm hawks arrived. The beasts three of them where riding did not sit well with him but their use must have a logical reason for their use. Dawn would break within the hour and yet this facility had yet to yield anything worthwhile so far. Princeps Knead had commandeered the one warhound they had discovered intact and would be moved to the surface once the machine was awakened.

    His cyber occularis chimed a warning which came too late as upon the break of dawn the sound of approaching vehicles could be heard. Checking the feed Driel noted the Mastodon transport and the arrayed forces bearing down on them. He sent a command to his backfield support and hoped they could arrive soon enough to help hold the line.

    Turning back to the base systems he diverted all available power to the Warhound’s chamber to try and get it functioning to aid them in their defence of the site.


    Susurri observed the battlefield from within his Mastodon transport. The massive form of the leviathan dreadnought of Brother Keller was hunkered down and was ready to be unleashed when required. His command squad and his command staff Chaplian Loquere, Primus medicae Vetus and Libraian Flense stood ready as did Techmarine Duoboros whose red bionic lenses glowed brightly as his servo arm twitched in anticipation.

    The void shield harness installed within his suit of terminator was inert for now. The vehicle rumbled forwards as the attack began.

    The Game


    The Chaos front line. The three alpha legion rhinos and the two rapier have infiltrated forwards. The whirlwind is lurking further back while the mastodon and its cargo wait on the deployment line. The emperors children support units have followed this pattern and have also deployed as far forwards as possible barring the bare bone consul who is observing the battle from further back.

    The land raider and breachers are in reserve and ready to outflank.

    Chaos turn 1

    Imperial Turn 1

    Chaos turn 2

    Imperial turn 2

    Chaos Turn 3

    Imperial turn 3

    Chaos Turn 4

    Imperial Turn 4

    Chaos Turn 5

    Imperial Turn 5

    We called the game here at the end of turn 5. The imperial player had 4 wounded thallax, arch magos driel, 3 long fangs, 2 tactical marines, 3 aduseclaris and 2 cyber occularis left and he decided that he could not claw back any further victory points. (Seeing as Chaos would get to move/shoot/assault before he would be able to act with his force again.)

    Story Excerpt

    The Leviathan dreadnought span up its siege drill and proceeded to grind through the knees of the Warhound titan. The machine dipped as the emperors children contemptor grabbed it and pulled it down further. This allowed the leviathan to drive its siege drill through the cockpit of the god engine. The titan detonated as its reactor went critical. Showering the immediate area with red-hot shrapnel and plasma.

    Driel moaned as he noticed movement and the leviathan dreadnought strode out into view. Fire from every remaining gun targeted the machine which shrugged off the fire without effort. A rune flickered out on his display and Driel span round to see his Thanatar fall. His data gave him one solution.

    “All units fall back.”

    Susurri looked up from his kill as the last few dregs of the enemy forces fled the area.

    “Let them run” He rasped into the vox, his signature voice not rising above a whisper. “Fools who run from combat are not worth killing.”

    “But commander our orders are….”

    “To secure this site” Susurri adds. “Gather the dead. Duoboros,”

    Upon hearing his name the techmarine exited the Mastodon which had ceased smoking from the damage that had been caused to it.

    “Yes” He state. The mechanical tones of his augmented voice distorting his speech pattern.

    “Link the mastodon into the base’s system and give me a readout. I want to know what we can salvage”

    Duoboros nodded before moving off to find an access point.


    Victory points chaos 18 (Line Breaker, 1 Onslaught attack, 3 for price of failure 13 for destroyed units)

    Victory points imperial 13 (3 Onslaught attack, 10 destroyed units.)

    Another close game. When the titan appeared, the Mastodon had 3 HP and a void shield remaining and would have been worth 5 victory points 4 for price of failure and 1 for kill points. So when the imperial player used the titans turbo laser destructor on the leviathan dreadnought instead, I ended up losing three terminators from the command squad rather than the mastodon [The leviathan suffered 1 penetrating hit which I saved with its invulnerable save]. (He was trying to stop me from using the dreadnought to grind through the titan’s knees.)

    A few errors in deployment were also made as the imperial player was not used to the mechanicum (The myrmidon destructors and secutors specifically, he placed the longer-ranged ones closer to the enemy.) or the centurions (They always just died when I used them, but he would have been better served giving them lascannons and missile launchers and using them defensively. The leviathan dreadnought likes things that cannot fire overwatch.)

    We have two more missions before we get to out game of Apocalypse. Coming up next is a cityfighting mission where the objectives of the chaos forces relate to setting structures on fire or destroying them.


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    6 years ago

    You guys sure do have slugfests.

    How many points was this?

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Our gaming group has a history of brutal games where only a handful of units survive on each side.
    As for this game it was 3750pts a side [2000pts main army, 1000pts secondary force, 750pt lord of war.] (the Alpha legion got a small 500pt boost due to a campaign warlord trait. Which was the techmarine {who hid in the mastodon and repaired 2 hull points over the course of the game} and the melta squad and their rhino, which gave up a victory point and killed a single unit.)

    6 years ago

    Guess you guys like big games? Seems all the previous ones were larger games like this as well; well, most, not all.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    Indeed the standard games for this campaign once we moved into the phase 2 were 3000pts a side.

    But before when we were playing normally we’d play team games with four players each having 2000pts each (so 4000pts a side with a 25% of total points limit on the LOW options so 500pts max per person. unless previously agreed.)
    The Legion and 30k Mechanicum army lists tended to struggle at lower points values so we just used 2000pt armies.