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The Battle for Mirum Ostentum (Report #18) Interception

    Set up to allow the imperial side to reduce the incoming number of chaos fliers. This mission is focused solely on Fliers. First lets run through the mission overview and special rules.

    The chaos advance is the red arrow and will constitute all their air force. The imperial forces move from the green arrow point

    For this mission flamer type weapons (heldrake baleflamers) cause D6 hits but must roll to hit as with a normal weapon.

    Bring it back around:

    If any model (bar the marauder destroyer if it has survived) would leave the table they instead perform a bank maneuver and can perform a 180 degree turn and then complete their movement.

    Running the gauntlet:

    If the marauder destroyer [provided it has survived] leaves the table via the side the imperial forces originally entered from it can be used in the following mission by the forces of chaos. Arriving with the same number of remaining hull points on the turn it escaped.

    Running interference:

    For each turn the fliers are fighting here they cannot join the final mission but when they do any surviving fliers can enter from any table edge when they do arrive. Fliers will arrive on the turn after they finish off the enemy retaining any hull point damage they have suffered. No damage results will be applied but explodes results will still destroy the flier as normal. (we are using the apocalypse vehicle rules ammendum)

    This mission carries on until all the fliers from one faction have been destroyed.

    Quick note on our house rules:

    If a flyer moves over an enemy they can shoot at them hitting their side armour. In addition line of sight and shooting ranges can be taken from any point along the fliers path. (We are using the old school forgeworld flier rules as we prefer them)

    The Forces


    Marauder destroyer – eight hellstrike missiles, daemonically possessed (providing a 5+ invulnerable save), 3 incendiary bombs.

    Helldrake – hades autocannon

    Helldrake – baleflamer

    Helldrake – baleflamer

    Xiphon interceptor

    Fire raptor – reaper batteries – 4 hellstrike missiles

    Quick note on Baleflamers. They can be used to target enemy fliers in this mission they have D6 shots but must roll to hit with each when attacking using the heldrakes BS value.

    Imperial (chosen from those available. Aquila lander seconded to kill team mission, vulture gunship held back to support ground forces during apocalypse)

    Vendetta – 3 twin linked lascannons

    Thunderbolt – 4 hellstrike missiles

    Nefilim jetfighter – twin linked lascannon

    Roc pattern storm eagle

    Chaos has first turn with the imperial forces beginning their interception shortly afterwards.

    Story excerpt

    Pallar anders mountain range – just above cloud cover

    “Ten minutes to strike zone.” The daemon controlling phoenix ember shuddered as the vox lit up indicating the distance to the target location. The chaos ground based relays sent a second ping. “Enemy on intercept course”

    Chaos turn 1

    The chaos airforce moves towards the distant battle.

    Imperial turn 1


    Chaos turn 2


    Imperial turn 2


    Chaos turn 3

    *The ravenwing rule states re-roll failed jink saves while the rotary missile launcher states re-roll successful jink saves. The one penetrating hit has a failed jink first, then a re-roll to be successful and as you cannot re-roll a re-roll (despite the forced re-roll of successes on the rotary launcher) the Nefilim survived [An endless loop would be possible if you could keep forcing re-rolls.]. The heldrake also loses two hull points.

    Imperial turn 3


    Chaos turn 4

    The heldrake moves forwards and vector strikes the storm eagle stripping two hull points from it. The fire raptor destroys the vendetta and strips a hull point from the Nefilim.

    Imperial turn 4

    The storm eagle and nefilim charge towards the Heldrake. Taking its last hull point.

    Chaos turn 5

    The fire raptor moves behind the two imperial fliers and reduces them both to one hull point. (Both are jinking at this point)

    Imperial turn 5


    The two imperial aircraft bank back around and get the fire raptor in their sights. They manage to knock off one hull point.

    Chaos turn 6

    The fire raptor flies past then banks round. Getting between then behind the imperial fliers. The next shooting phase would see both imperial fliers wrecked and the fire raptor (3HP) arriving on turn 7 of apocalypse.

    Story excerpt

    The guns of the fire raptor glowed red hot as it continued to pour fire into the imperial aircraft eventually sending both burning towards the ground below.

    “This is fire raptor Z3. Enemy targets eliminated. Heading to target location.” The pilot voxed

    “And our forces.”

    “Four down. The marauder made it to the target zone. Enemy thunderbolt, nefilim, storm eagle and vendetta destruction confirmed. Three heldrakes and our Xiphon were lost to enemy fire.”

    “Proceed to the target site. Fire at will on arrival.”

    “Acknowledged” The pilot replies. He glanced at the ammunition counters for the aircrafts weapons and noted he still had more than 50% of the reserves remaining. He activated the internal vox. “Brothers when on site we are weapons free. Shoot anything that moves.”

    “You don’t need to tell us twice.”

    “Weapon temperature reached critical, cooling in progress.”

    “Targets in 5 make ready” The pilot stated as he brought the aircraft round and accelerated towards the battle.


    A nice swift mission involving fliers on their own. The imperial player moaned about the lack of time he had to strike the marauder. (After he destroyed two heldrakes and ignored it during turn 1) but was happier when he was informed that the marauder reaches the apocalypse game on turn 4. (with five hull points and 6 missiles as the chaos player fired two) the Fire raptor arrives on turn 7 with 3 hull points and no missiles.

    MVP Fire raptor – 3 confirmed kills vendetta, nefilim, storm eagle.

    As usual the Xiphon continues to fail miserably at its only job. I love the design of the model but it has yet to actually kill an enemy flier or survive a game. (Crosses fingers and hopes its better under 8th edition rules)


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    6 years ago

    It didn’t look good for Chaos there, but that Fire Raptor pulled through and saved the day. Nice one.

    Kenneth Raymond
    Kenneth Raymond
    6 years ago
    Reply to  Thor

    It really is worth is weight in gold (Its probably my favourite space marine flyer). (Sorry for the late reply, I have been ill for the last few days. )