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Player Fiction

Creative writing isn’t something we do often, but it’s something we enjoy, and you can find our player fiction here.

Most of what you will find is fluff that we have created for our own Warhammer 40K armies. Some authors have their own custom created armies, be it a Chaos Space Marines warband, or a Rebel Grots army.

As we find time and motivation, we work on the back story and history for our armies, as well as detail current exploits and trials.

We make no claim to be novelists, or real authors, but we do attempt to create fun and engaging stories for everyone to enjoy.

The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Slaughter (Part 9)

Battle for Ostentum

The post relates to the ongoing narrative campaign that is being run by my gaming group. Phase 2 mission 2: Slaughter Representing the chaos forces attacking the training grounds for the imperial guard conscripts and the imperial reactionary forces attempting to save what they can. For this mission, there 100… Read More »The Battle for Mirum Ostentum – Slaughter (Part 9)