Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011: Wrap-up Pictures

Summer Challenge - LateWell, as I mentioned in my last post I’ve not managed to paint 2000 points of Reavers by the end of summer.  I did manage to get 1850 by the Standish Standoff, and I’ve been happy with the performance of what I’ve got.  I did struggle in the last game against Stealthy Stealth’s orks, but my shooting rolls were horrendous so I can’t really blame the list.  I also made a couple of mistakes throughout the day but I came in 11th for battle points with two wins and a loss.  Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve finished, as well as the Thunderwolf Cavalry I’m working on:

Summer Challenge: Bjorn Standoff

Here’s a close-up of Raemos, my counts-as-Bjorn, from the painting competition at the Standish Standoff.  I like the way he came out but I may go back and add a bit of red to break up all that bare metal.

Summer Challenge: Standoff 3

Summer Challenge: Standoff 2Summer Challenge: Standoff 2Summer Challenge: Thuderwyrm 1Summer Challenge: Thunderwyrm 2Summer Challenge: Thunderwyrm 3




The Reavers’ space hulk does not have the expanses necessary for Thunderwolves to flourish, though they are able to maintain a number of the smaller wolves of Fenris.  Fortunately the Niddhogg, like many space wolves, does have a number of other strange inhabitants.  Among these are a the raptor-like lizards dubbed Thunderwyrm by the Reavers who ride them.

I wanted something a little different from the more commonly used Thunderwolf conversions so I’ve used the mounts from the Dark Elf Cold Ones Knights.  I can imagine packs of these large beasts hunting the other mutant creatures through the half-lit depths of a space hulk and what ex-Space Wolf worth his salt wouldn’t at least consider trying to ride one?  I intend to field them primarily as 2-3 man counter assault units but I can also upgrade one to an HQ with the other four as a unit to accompany him when I want more of a hammer unit.  I’ve also assembled 10 Skyclaws and a Wolf Priest with jump pack, but I haven’t any pictures of them yet.  Both these units fit the low-mech theme I’m aiming for and add some much needed mobility to a list that doesn’t have many actual transports.  With the TWC, Wolf Priest, and Skyclaws I’ll be around 2500 points painted.  I’ll post some pics as I finish these, but I’m calling the Summer Challenge concluded with a minor fail.

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