Rok Da Vote: Chaos Daemons Codex (Closed)

Chaos DaemonsIt’s been a little over a month since I put up the poll asking what you all thought about the new Daemons codex. The results are interesting. So far it’s the lowest rated codex in 6th edition based on the polls I’ve done here anyway. Here’s the results.

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The top vote was 30% saying it’s a solid codex. Generally in the codex polls this is the top vote, or close behind people thinking it’s “kick-ass”, so not a great start on the results. I feel that with the huge change to Daemons that the potential of this codex is just not fully realized yet.

Now, the kicker. The second highest vote at 28%, just behind the top vote, was those who think it sucks. Hands down this codex gets the highest vote on that result in all the polls I’ve done. Typically there’s a handful who feel this way about the newer 6th codices, probably those whose lists they love to run become invalidated, but to be the second highest vote is harsh. Again, as I mentioned above, the changes to the codex are drastic. The entire approach of the codex is altered and I really can’t blame those who don’t like the new direction of it but I wouldn’t say it sucks.

Third up at 23% is the vote for those who think it’s alright. This just continues the theme in votes keeping the codex more-or-less squarely in the middle. People aren’t overly impressed with it, some people hate it, but all-in-all it’s OK. That’s the feel I get anyway.

Then the low-end of the poll. We have 12% that voted it’s over-the-top. I can’t completely disagree here. Of course over-the-top means different things to different people but with the randomness thrown into the codex I can see the votes that went this way. There’s 5% who leaned on it being better than the last but still not good and lastly 2% who felt was kick-ass. Only 2% who felt it was kick-ass is by far the lowest I’ve seen in these polls. Suffice to say that this poll has broken the mold in results.

I’m going to be real interested to see the results when I re-poll this a bit down the road once people have had a real chance to work with it.

  • JustHippie

    I wonder how many of those “It sucks” votes were guys with 27 Brandy new Flamers and Screamers?

    I voted for the Solid and still feel that way. Nothing over the top IMO and many good units and a couple big losers(Blue Scribes, Changeling)

    • Yeah, that’s partially what I was driving at when I said the approach to the codex changed drastically. Flamers and Screamers aside though, when everything gets shaken up like it did there’s bound to be some upset players. You invest in a certain style of play and it’s gone, well that can suck even for those not abusing certain units. I like Speed Freeks for Orks and I hate horde armies. If Speed Freeks went away then I’d chalk up a “it sucks” vote too.

      All that being said, I agree it doesn’t suck. I just think some people are a bit pissed off at the moment.

      • JustHippie

        I think everyone forgot overnight how random the army was before. Folks wanted all the bad stuff gone and all the good stuff to stay which is just not realistic.

        I still think it is better overall than the last version.

        • Selective memory is rampant in 40K. I love, “Man, see all those 1’s I’ve rolled? My luck has sucked!” They of course have already forgotten that every time a dice roll really matters they make it in the face of one or two bad rolls.

  • Khorne Inquisitor

    I feel that it is more than just those with 27 flamers and screamers. The style of play radically changed and generally I think people were a) hoping for less randomness, not more (yeah, I think it’s more now. Before it was random halves and deepstrike, now all wargear is random, shooting is random, random effects, so on and so forth).
    b) The play-style and unit stats are that of a hoard army, but points for nearly everything but troops went up or stayed the same.
    c) I don’t think it was so much selective memory as “look at the AWESOME STUFF” everyone else is getting…oh, look at what we got… as they churned out what I believe is an arguably bottom tier codex.

    That said, I am pleased with it as my biggest fear never occurred and that is loads of band-wagoneers. I was on the fence between the “not good, but better than last book” and “it’s alright”. With practice and a FAQ maybe it will be a solid codex. It will never be a “kick-ass” level book IMO.

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