Bloodletters #2 Painting

Bloodletters Squad #2 Painting Showcase

I managed to fit in a few hours here and there to wrap up this Bloodletter squad. I finished the first five of them seven months ago so this time I wanted to show the entire squad, not just the newly finished half.

In doing this I remembered the value of batch painting, despite disliking doing it. I had not documented how I did the first half of the squad all those months ago. I had a pretty good idea but some things were fuzzy. I hadn’t intended to wait so long on finishing up the squad and had the intention of documenting it much sooner. That left some guess-work in this batch.

The first lesson, do the entire squad at once if you can and if you can’t then make sure to document what you did do. The second thing, at least by doing two halves of the squad (5 and then 5), they aren’t all over the place in how I painted them. Each half has some slight differences but once all ten are mixed in it’s fine. So, at least I did batch them in two groups and have consistency. Could be worse.

Bloodletters Gallery

There they are. Sorry the lighting isn’t amazing. I didn’t adjust the lights very well for such a large squad. I’m used to doing a single model, not ten. I’m also realizing I should use something other than that white backdrop on these. The snow doesn’t really stand out against that white background.


Anyway, I’m pleased with the squad. I just did a tabletop quality job on them: base coat, dry brush, wash and a few select extreme highlights. I did work with the swords a bit more but I still didn’t invest a ton of time into those. It was some really fast blending and highlights on those hellblades. It’s passable I think for such a speedy process.

Not sure what’s next on the painting table but as I said the other day, my free time (in turn blogging time), is going to be greatly diminishing so it might be a while.

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Bloodletters Squad #2 Painting Showcase
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