Flesh Hounds of Khorne Painting & Rebasing Showcase

Last week I rebased my Flesh Hounds from bike bases to 50mm bases and documented the process. I’ve since managed to get them sealed and I got some showcase shots to show.

Before Basing

Here’s what these guys look like before. I never did a group shot as a showcase before, which is why I’m doing it now, but here’s some shots from games. The basing was just snow flock and blue tinted PVA for ice; my old technique.


Snow Rebasing

And here they are all rebased onto 50mm bases and using my current basing technique for fluffy snow.

Pretty big change!


I painted these Hounds over a year ago to a tabletop standard. The basing is my usual snow and ice technique that I’m still refining. I played around a bit with the Hounds in creating a good variation of textures. You have the hard dirt underneath everything, bigger snow piles, smaller snow drifts and then the ice. Since I had room on these bases I also added a few rocks to break things up. I’m pretty pleased with the basing. Just doing piles of snow everywhere is a bit dull and I think I’ve created some visual interest beyond that with these Hounds.

On the gaming side, it’s great to have the Hounds on the 50mm bases. They can control so much more of the board now, are better at screening units and will take less hits from templates. All good stuff.

  • Those look great, dude! I really like the bigger bases, both for board control purposes and because of how much more room they provide for doing cool basing like this.

    • Thank you.

      Yeah, bigger bases are so much more fun to work with. Some day I’ll redo my Marines on the 32mm for that reason but I’m in no rush to do it either.

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  • The bigger bases look great on them, the extra space make them look even more fearsome somehow.

    • It does make a big difference. They did look kind of silly on the bike bases.

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