Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets Painting Showcase

Lately I’ve been doing some work on old models; mostly rebasing them. Well, the Keeper of Secrets has been on my rebasing list for years – literally.

With 8th edition having arrived, coupled with my desire to try him/her out, and the fact I had to repair an arm, the Keeper got some work done and proper pictures taken of him/her.

Keeper of Secrets Gallery


The Keeper was the very first big dameon I painted when I got into Chaos Marines 6 years ago. As such, it’s far from an amazing show piece. However, I really enjoy the model itself, so I tend to overlook the simple painting techniques I used on it. I think it’s a solid tabletop painting job.

The sword OSL (object source lighting) is (I believe), the first I ever attempted. You’ll notice the not so great blends of the pink on the sword, and top of the Keeper’s head. We all had to start somewhere!

Broken Arm

The left arm snapped off the Keeper months ago. Somehow it snapped off in my army bag. I was so disheartened that I set the model aside to ignore it.

The arm had been green stuffed to fill in gaps, and the snap created some very visible paint chipping. I had no idea what I was going to do to fix it. I knew I couldn’t fill in the seam and blend paint in. I’d never be able to match the paint up right. Then I got an idea.

I decided to do some really simple sculpting to create a ribbed like band around the seem. This look mimics other areas like it on the Keeper already. Fortunately, I remembered how I arrived at that pink’ish color, and was able to match it up pretty well.

So, if you’re wondering why my Keeper has an organic band around his left shoulder, that’s why!

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Keeper of Secrets Painting Showcase
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