Space Marine Coming to the PC

I first saw a leaked demo of this game over a year ago now and was impressed by what I had seen. Since that leaked demo I have seen official video releases and they were all stunning. The one downside for me with this game was that it was going to console only and I’m a PC gamer. Well, yesterday Relic announced that Space Marine will be coming to PC as well!

If you have not seen anything on this game yet then check out this trailer from E3 this year.

  • Dobb

    It looks great and all but I noticed how weird the Ork's faces look, I mean, I only started for half a year but painting rows and rows of Orks made me realize how weird they look in the game than on TT.

    Dawn of War 1/2 got it right though.

  • The worst Ork teeth I've seen done in a game was Warhammer Online. The teeth in that game looked more like Chaos style horns than they did teeth. There's two things that are required for Orks to look right, the skin tone and the teeth, the rest is just a bonus.

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