What to do with My Marines

Marines - UnsureI’ll just dig in with this one. I have no idea what the hell I want to do with my Marines. By that I’m referring to a style of play: mech, foot, drop pod, hybrid, etc. I’ve been trying mech out lately and I have to honestly say, it bores the piss out of me. No offense to anyone who enjoys mech. I know it’s a strong and valid way to play Marines but full on mech just isn’t for me.

Now, I’ve not tried Marines on foot but the idea of it bores me. I played a guy once who put all his stuff on foot, well one veteran player who put his stuff on foot anyway, and he did well and the game was much closer than I figured it would be. That being said, a bunch of dudes on foot doesn’t excite me.

I’ve also not done full on drop pod army and I’m not interested in that either. It has more appeal to it than the other styles since I find risk to be an exciting element in a game. However, once the pods are down you now have a foot army, just a cooler delivery method.

So far I think the most fun I’ve had playing my Marines was the hybrid of mech and drop pod. The problem though, and what had sent me seeking alternative styles, was I wasn’t very effective with it. I was also a new Marine player at that point so there was some newbness to be had.

There’s just something in my composition as a player that hates going with the flow. I despise playing an army the same way the rest of the world does, which is probably why mech bores the hell out of me and why I find Scouts in a Land Speeder Storm to be fun, if not the most effective use of points. There’s still a ton of stuff I have not tried in the Marine codex and I think it’s time to start doing a lot of proxying in hopes of finally finding some method of play that finally excites me with the Emperor’s finest.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy full-drop, but it’s not for everyone. I think that hybrid is probably one of, if not the, most effective way to run marines, with a couple of pods, some mech, and some other fast response like bikes.

    The problem with hybrid is that since you have some of everything, everything the enemy has is effective against something. That’s some of the power of more extreme lists – mech invalidates lots of anti-infantry power, all-foot makes AT less useful, etc. The key to hybrid is trying to force bad matchups – if you can hit your scouts into his long fangs and fire your vindicator at his TWCav, you’re going to do a lot better than if the sparring partners get reversed.

    • You’re very right about hybrid being susceptible to something the enemy has. The nice part about something like mech is, as you said, is immunity to small arms fire and even if you lose your ride you still got 10 Marines on foot.

      That being said, hybrid at the same time should have something to deal with anything. In theory there should be no bad match up. Creating a good hybrid list is where the problem comes in I find. You have to cover all the bases and create a synergy between the different elements of your army, drop pods and mech for example. You don’t want your pods alone doing their own thing without support, generally anyway, so the army has to take into account the various elements.

      You’re also right about the match ups. Scouts in a Storm without something viable to assault aren’t so effective. However, it’s not the same as taking a ton of AT and having no tanks to shoot either.

  • You’ll probably set out with something in mind and then as time progresses you’ll develop into a jack of all trades army.

    I suggest you just go with the models you like the look of.

  • I have been kicking around a mixed drop pod/deep strike/assault marine list that sounds fun. See what you can do with drop pod/beacons and things that drop in off them. You could have scouts infiltrate on the board with beacons and units coming off them too. Vanguards, DDM’s, Land Speeders, Terminators, etc, etc.

    • That’s usually how I’ve gone about it. I’m a big fan of Librarians and they’re a huge part of my chapter fluff (DIY chapter). So, often he’ll have gate of infinity and can bounce around with a unit from pod to pod as needed. I also love Termies so they usually see the field and make use of beacons. I only have one Speeder and Murphy’s Law kicks my ass when I drop it in and it always whiffs the multi-melta shot.I’m with you though. I need to try and refine a list that can utilize the pods in that manner but also at the same time not be overly reliant on it. Pods go boom quickly when people realize what you’re up to.

  • Joe

    You can always dabble into non traditional marine codex. Gives you the option to try Jump pack army or Thunderwolf army. Both of which are giant glass hammers and can be both risky and exciting.

    • I’m all for non-traditional and bucking the trend. I just haven’t quite figured out how yet. Hmmm.

  • ming

    The thing that keeps me going on a personal level are the thngs you do. You created your own Chapter. You seem to personalize these marines. Keep doing what you are doing. Maybe by codifying your own force organization and preferences, you can get some clarity of purpose.

    • I do enjoy my Marines from all perspectives, it’s just the game part that keeps niggling me. I just haven’t had one of those “ah, hah!” moments where how I want to play them just clicked and it all made sense. I do hope to find some clarity and purpose.

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