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What It’s like Gaming While Blind

12 years ago, I started an Imperial Guard collection, *cool story bro,* except I was, and am, legally blind.

How bad is your vision really?

Well, I can’t tell what a model is by looking at it.  I have to feel it up…

If you ask me which one of my guardsman has a flamer, the answer is for me to start poking each one of them until I find the flamer.

I also have a guide dog.

How do you keep track of a 2,000 point 40k game?

I have learned to keep a mental map.  Over time I’ve developed the ability to move all the different parts simultaneously, and essentially play out the match in my head before it happens based off what I think my opponent should and might do.

Playing me is a bit like playing someone who has seen 2 turns into the future.  My current limit is about 2 turns in the future.

For most of you, this sounds like a monumentally difficult thing to accomplish.  For me, someone who is a visual learner and legally blind, it is relatively routine because I navigate my house like this.

It’s a lot like walking through a dream, you can see things in your mind, and you decide whether or not that would be a good decision, and run through every squad on the table like that.

Challenges Gaming

Biggest issue for me is figuring out where things start off on the battlefield and figuring out how to hide out of line of sight.

In the coming weeks, I’ll start posting battle reports, and you’ll get a chance to see how I operate.

I realize that I am writing about my reality, which is a bit like you trying to describe color to a completely blind person.  Please, feel free to ask questions about my vision and related aspects.  This is part of my broader goal of enlightened the sighted to the abilities and limitations of the blind community.

Something to think about, I wrote this article, went through it, and made sure it was readable and spellchecked.  In interviews, I’ve been asked if I can use a computer… I have 10-years of e-commerce experience right on my resume, like for instance.  I take all the pictures, made the website, ship all the orders, entirely myself.

If you have a burning question, ask me, I don’t bite, hard.

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