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Chaos Bikers: Red Skull Biker Gang

I was hoping to get to these guys this weekend but it isn’t going to happen.  Still haven’t replaced the garbage disposal in the sink I bought a week ago… Guess I better do that instead.  But I thought I’d share what little I have on the bikers here on C.T.  The bikes I have since put more paint on but the bikers have yet to evolve past what you see here.  Enjoy.

My plan is to get the bikes painted first, or at least half of them, then paint the riders, or at least half of them, then repeat.  I really want to lock this down and do a full squad from conversion thru painted, all done at once.  My hobby time this weekend went into posting stuff on Ebay to sell, which still took a couple hours all told.  *sigh*

J. D. Brink


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Chaos Bikers: Red Skull Biker Gang
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