Defiler: PIP #4-1

Chaos Defiler: PIP #4

Finally nearing the end on this Defiler.

At the moment I’m working on the head, getting those highlights on there and picking out the details. The lower half is done, well, almost. I plan to add some blood to a claw or two but that will be after it’s sealed, otherwise it’s done.

I opted to only do a select few extreme highlights on the metal because there’s so damn much of it that it’s overwhelming. I find you can get away with it on metal because light will naturally take care of things. It’s not the same but it works and I really want to get this model done. Hours of metal highlights is not fun.

Next part will be the weapons on the head and that should go pretty quickly. If I’m lucky I’ll finish the model this weekend.

Whatcha think?

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Chaos Defiler: PIP #4
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