Lelith vs Lemartes 40K Diorama

Lelith vs Lemartes – A Diorama for Warhammer 40K

Over the last two weeks I have been working on an entry for the diorama category of the bronze spawn. I have had a lemartes model for a few years I haven’t ever painted and I picked up a lilith model early this year to get a gw order over the necessary 50 or 60 bucks to get free shipping.

With that I have come to a few conclusions. 1. There is no way the GW model on the box is finecast. 2. I really really am not a fan of finecast. I have painted 3 or 4 finecast models now and aside from the bubbles bends bad cast they really don’t take paint very well. I don’t really want to jump on the band wagon of finecast hate but seriously at this point i give up the material doesn’t do it for me.

I am curious about other peoples experiences it seems like its a real luck of the draw kind of deal. There is something about the material though, perhaps it is my primer, but every finecast model I have painted has ended with a really chalky finish, it just seems inevitable for me. Any who.

I had both the models around lemartes had to be stripped from a half paint job a few years back. A week long bath in simple green took care of that. And some green stuff and a butt load of patience got most of the bends and bubbles out of the lilith sculpt.


I have one more entry to finish for the standoff which is right around the corner. I have also decided to add a few units to my white scars for the tournament and redo my display board. Not a heck of a lot of time but after doing all this stuff for the bronze spawn entries basic table top stuff should be a piece of cake.

Hopefully next week I can show off a completed 60mm entry, or at least my final white scars list I am still tinkering away on it.


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Lelith vs Lemartes – A Diorama for Warhammer 40K
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