Leman Russ Heavy Bolter Sponsons WIP

Hello all,

I’ve been working on sponsons for two of my Leman Russ tanks.  Though I don’t feel they are worth the points on an ordinance platform because they can only snap fire when the ordinance is fired, sponsons on a Leman Russ are otherwise well worth the points since they can move and fire everything at full BS.  I’ve been running a pair of Leman Russ Exterminators (twin-linked Autocannon turrets.)  I have set up one of them to run heavy bolter sponsons in addition to the hull mounted heavy bolter.  This gives it 4 twin-linked autocannon shots plus 9 heavy bolter shots making it a beast against infantry while also being decent against light vehicles.

The sponsons were added a few weeks ago but I haven’t had magnets or weapons on them.  I scratch built three heavy bolters from styrene rod/sheet and a little sprue.  I also added some details using the same card stock I’ve been printing my templates on.  It is just thick enough to create detail without adding much extra bulk.

Leman Russ Heavy Bolter Sponsons

For the weapon mount I wanted something more than just a cylinder with the weapon sticking out of it.  I made some shield plate with a vision slit for each one.  This provides a way for the firer to see his target and helps make it look a little more armored to fit the 14/13/10 of a Leman Russ.  It also adds some thickness so I could sink the magnet without drilling all the way through the cylinder wall.Leman Russ Sponsons MountIn the picture you can see that it is still quite open around the weapon mount.  I am planning to add some more armor plating to close that up a bit and give it a bit more of an Orky appearance.  It will also be getting a bunch of rivets.  For now, here are a couple shots of the Russ with the three heavy bolters mounted.


Leman Russ with SponsonsLeman Russ with Sponsons #2 Before I finish adding details to this one I plan to build the sponson weapons for my second Leman Russ Exterminator.  That one has a hull mounted lascannon and will be getting multimelta sponsons.  It’s got the power to punch through other vehicles and heavy infantry units while still throwing enough shots to threaten larger infantry units.  I usually run the two of them as separate units so they can afford to focus on separate targets.  Of course, the beauty of magnet mounting the weapons is that I’ll eventually be able to swap options at will.

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That looks great. The heavy bolter is simple but easily recognizable for what it is. Jobz a good’un!