Mustering forces for the Standish Standoff

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As many of you are aware by now, the game store I play at has an annual hobby event in November called the Standish Standoff.  This is an event where painting scores are a healthy portion of the overall scores so there’s incentive to bring a well painted army.  Knowing that most of the other attendees will be bringing well painted armies adds to that incentive.  In the past I have used the Standoff as motivation to hammer out a painted core for one of my armies.  In 2011 it was my Reavers, a counts-as-Space-Wolves army.  In 2012 I went with a hybrid Ork force.  This year I am looking at the Rebel Grots.

I am currently in the process of selling my house and buying a new one.  Small home repairs, packing, and all the other parts of this process are consuming a hefty portion of my time, and probably will do so well into September.  On top of this, the Rebel Grots are a fairly time intensive army to build.  There are no fully appropriate models for them so pretty much every piece must be converted.  Great fun to work on but not a very fast army to build!

To hedge my bets I’m planning to ally my Grots and Orks for this event.  I initially planned the Rebel Grots (counts as Imperial Guard) to be mercenary support for my Orks, and that’s a relationship they’ll maintain for as long as GW allows it.  This is the list I am working on at the moment:

It’s a straightforward list with Orks providing the main bulk of shock troops and the Grots bringing long ranged support.  I’ve played with similar lists and had good results.  To field this I’ll need to finish up the two command squads and a squad of sentinels.  I believe this will score well on army composition and it’s a reasonable amount of modelling/painting for me to accomplish by November.

If I have time I can start pulling out Ork units to add in more Grots.  I would like to bring a full Rebel Grots list to the Standoff because it would be a really cool looking army.  After I finish the units I mentioned above I’ll start working towards this:

That’s a tentative list of things I’d like to build and try out.  It brings a ton of shooting and a ton of infantry as one might expect.  There are enough chimeras and tanks to provide some decent mobility.  It also uses a Devil Dog and Ratling Snipers, two units I very rarely see on the table.  This is just a quick concept list and will probably evolve over the next couple of months.  Most likely though I’ll end up with something between the two.

Thanks for reading!

  • JustHippie

    What an ambitious project. Congrats on the new home but I gotta say Moving sucks! I think the firepower added to the Orks will make a good army and the rebel grots will fit in perfectly to boot.

    • Using them as allies takes a lot of the stress out of such an ambitious target. Failure means I show up with some orks rather than being stuck with unpainted models!

      Thanks, moving does suck! When we’re done I’ll be 30 minutes closer to the shop, so I expect to make it down more often.

      For the few games I have managed with the Orks and Grots I have really enjoyed the synergy between IG style shooting and the fast, assaulty orks. It creates a very multifaceted army.

  • Some list critiques.

    As you know, I’m a fan of boarding planks on any vehicle that has a PK in it. I’d at least put on on the BW if nothing else.

    I’m concerned about only having 2 Trukks. If you get first turn it’s not a big deal but otherwise you’ll likely lose both out of the gate. I’d consider trimming down the Shootas to fit into a Trukk.

    The list definitely has some fire power though and if you can get those Nobz and Boyz to the line you should have plenty of disembarked units to slam into.

    • I like the plank in principle, but I very rarely find myself in a position to use it where I wouldn’t rather get out of the trukk instead. When they’re backed up by IG lascannons the orks should be driving after vehicles to plank-em.

      I might consider another trukk. I can usually get by with the wagon and two, but I do have better luck with 3. Or I could swap the boomwagon for another battlewagon to carry the shootas.

      More likely I’ll swap out trukks for chimeras as I build up the Rebel Grots. I will move toward orks on foot supported by tanks, then I’ll start filling in more Infantry Grots.

      • Good point. My experience has been Orks on their own so reliably downing a vehicle at range was not their forte and the plank was a great backup plan.

        • Here’s a third list option:

          This is Rebel Grots with Ork allies using the models I’ve built so far plus some sentinels and snipers. It’s a mid point between the two posted above. There’s enough modelling and painting required to potentially keep me busy until November but not an overwhelming amount. There’s a lot of AV12+ and plenty of bodies with a good mix of shooting and assault. I’ve lost the speed of trukks but there are fewer easy kill points here.

          • That list definitely has some punch to it. A mix like that works well as people are torn between gunning down the Orks lopping towards them or the weapons that are blasting them from range. I could see this one working out very well.

            • Yeah, I am leaning more toward this list. It’s a bit closer to what I had in mind when I started building “IG” allies for my orks.

      • JustHippie

        I like the idea of the 2nd BW full of shootas. I always wanted to run a trukk full of Burnas too but never did.

        • I do like the idea of a shooty battlewagon full of shootas. I’ve wanted to add a second battlewagon to my collection but never got around to doing it. I also have nine burna boys and mek that I never got around to putting together. They would be a lot of fun in a trukk or looted wagon, maybe even a third battlewagon!

          There are so many fun options and so little time!

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