Rok Da Vote: 40K Blogosphere Closed

I had put up the poll asking if you thought the 40K blogosphere was stagnating and followed it up with my thoughts about it. The voting has trickled off so it’s time to close this one down and here’s the results.

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So 49% of you feel that it is becoming stagnant. Admittedly this is far higher than I expected but at least I know I’m not alone in that thought. It’s not that I think there’s nothing worth reading out there, it’s just that finding unique and interesting content is becoming more scarce in my experience.

Following that we have 40% who feel it’s somewhat stagnant. Some of the people who voted that way commented and indicated that they’re finding the strategy & tactics type of blogs stagnant but they typically read more hobby oriented blogs.

Lastly we had 11% who felt it wasn’t stagnant at all. If I had to guess I’d say those are most likely newer players and are at the stage where they’re absorbing everything they read like a sponge. I know, I was there at one point as I’m sure most of us were.

  • I wouldn’t say it’s stagnant (or rather, it might be, but I wouldn’t know).  I honestly don’t read many blogs anymore.  I log on about once per week and check out some old favorites, and anything else that catches my eye. 

    There are still a ton of great things out there, 40k as a whole doesn’t interest me as much as it did a year ago though.  Perhaps the Internet phenom of 40k blogging also is a cyclical thing?

    • Blogging routinely with good content isn’t easy. Some sites have built in content like the sites that focus on news or building competitive army lists. The other sites, like this, often grasp for something worth writing about on a regular basis. In that sense I’d agree it’s cyclical.

  • bkbutlerme
    • Already have. Told you in two locations now :P

  • Zaid Hussain

    I think you’re right, the blogosphere is pretty stagnant. I’m not really a newer player, but I do read a lot of blogs to try and keep up with what everyone is thinking. I read on everything that catches my eye, but at the same time, a lot of it just starts to blend together. That’s why I tend to take breaks from what everyone is posting about just so that I can refresh myself and then dive back into it.

    Honestly, my favorite blogs to read are the ones that have beautiful hobby pictures up or are just talking about a random piece of fluff that may catch my eye. I also do enjoy keeping up with the rumors, even if I’ll never buy a single thing that comes out

    • I agree about the blending together; nice way to put it.

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